Annual Events



  • Amman Dead Sea Ultra Marathon – This is a test of endurance. The competitors begin at the high elevations of Amman and make their way down to the lowest point on Earth, in the desert of southern Jordan.


  • Amman International Theatre Festival – This annual festival is the only one in the Middle East and North Africa to be organised by an independent theatre company. Performances are mainly in Arabic and English.



  •  Jordan International Rally – This rally is one of the highest profile extravaganzas the within the Arab world and entails amazing stages in and around the Jordan Valley and within the Rumman forests, providing challenging routes both above and below sea level.



  • Distant Heat – This is an annual concert and dance festival held at two venues in Jordan. It starts with an all-night party of electronic dance music in Wadi Rum, within the magnificent Jordanian desert.


  • Jerash Festival of Culture and Arts – Jerash is one of the most well-preserved and famous Roman provincial cities in the world, and since 1980 has been hosting this major international festival.




  •  Middle Eastern Dance Festival – Jordan Valley’s Kibbutz Sha’ar Hagolan hosts the annual Middle Eastern Dance Festival – a variety of Middle Eastern dance classes combined with sightseeing, swimming, shopping and dance performances. 


Depends on the Moon Calendar 


  • Ramadan and Eid al-Fitr: The month of Ramadan is celebrated in Jordan as it is in Muslim countries throughout the world, with fasting and the spectacular banquet-feast of Eid-al-Fitr at the end.